December at St. John's..........

Nov 27, 2021
December at St. John's..........

December is the month of preparation for the Nativity of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ on Saturday, December 25. The first thing I do before the baking and decorating is dig out of my files a lovely little poem that puts me in the right frame of mind.   It was written by Eleanor Leah Woods and I want to share it with you.


On Christmas mornings long ago, the church bell’s joyous sound


Awakened all the countryside for miles and miles around.


And families came from far and near, despite the wintry weather,


To fill the little country church and worship there together.


How wonderful it was to be among that congregation


as friends and neighbors joined their hearts in humble adoration,


to feel the warmth and unity of souls in true accord


and hear the lovely story of the birth of Christ the Lord.


We can all look back and recall the wonderful Yolkas performed by our children and remember the joyous singing of our choir in the past. Yet, now, although the poem recalls “Christmas mornings long ago,’ we still have a joyous service worshipping together among family and friends. The warmth and unity of souls still exists as we wish each other Christ is Born – Glorify Him. We still hear the lovely story of the birth of Christ. The church bell’s joyous sound still surrounds us as we join in worship in humble adoration. And our wonderful choir still sings joyously and with passion. It is without doubt God rejoices in His creation as families come from miles around to worship together. What will our children remember about Christmas? Santa Claus or St. Nicholas? The presents under the tree or the star on the top of the tree? Perhaps a memory of people worshipping together in church, of greeting each other, of joyous hymns and prayers, may be a memory they treasure the most in later years.



Happy Birthday to all those celebrating their birthday in December: Greg Cahayla on December 6, Effie Stankovci and Georgiana Stankiewicz both on December 7, and Elizabeth Hook on December 27. We wish all of you a very Happy Birthday and may God grant each of you Many Blessed Years!


Please be aware that Christmas is just around the corner. Keep in mind those of our neighbors who are in need. Our Pantry Coordinator, Helen Baron, is asking for your help with food or funds to donate to those who need assistance especially at this holiday season.

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