February News from St. John's......

Jan 29, 2017
February News from St. John's......

The February message from Fr. Igor in the Enlightener includes the following.......


First and foremost, to the best of our ability we must approach the Divine Liturgy with the understanding that through the life of the Church we are engaging the One Thing that we truly need – God!  Built upon this foundational understanding of Christianity, each individual, clergy and laity alike, is called to invest in the liturgical experience.  Singing, reading, listening, interaction with fellow parishioners, the veneration of icons, the smelling of incense, the lighting of candles, the receiving of Holy Communion, the receiving of antidoron, etc. – all opportunities to participate in the Divine Liturgy.  When these acts are purposeful, and motivated by our conscious seeking of the Lord, we become prayerful.  Through prayerful offerings we become incorporated into the work of the people – we become participants in the Divine Liturgy.    


Please read the entire important message in your February Enlightener.


The Annual Parish Meeting will be held on Sunday, February 19 immediately following the Divine Liturgy.  Please plan to attend. 


This year, the Memorial Saturdays are: February 18, March 11 and 18, June 3, and October 21.  Please give Father the names of those whom you wish to be included in the Memorial Prayers, by Sunday, February 12.  For the February 18 Panikhida, names may be submitted before the Divine Liturgy.  It is important to pray for those who have fallen asleep in the Lord.  This is a perfect time to do this.


With Memorial Saturdays in mind, sincere sympathy to Nicholas and Peggy Kovalycsik on the death of his sister, Deborah, on January 10.  Eternal Memory!  


Great Lent is fast approaching, it is the time of repentance and reconciliation with God.  The Church calls us to deepen our religious conscience, to increase and strengthen the spiritual contents of our life, to follow the Church towards renewal and rededication to God.  This is the time to come and rebuild a closer contact with God.  Once we have tasted of a true spiritual effort, once we have made a step closer towards God, the reward is great!  We begin to understand what St. Paul meant by “the joy and peace in the Holy Spirit.”   On Sunday February 26, we will enjoy a Maslanitsa hosted by Fr. Igor and Matushka Anna followed by Forgiveness Vespers.   Services for the week is in the calendar. 


During Lent, Father will be visiting our home-bound parishioners who are on his list to receive the Sacraments.  If you, or someone you know,  have not been visited in the past and need to receive the Sacraments at home/residence, please call the Rectory to make arrangements.


The Passaic “O” Club will have a Pot Luck Luncheon on Sunday, February 12 after coffee hour.  All the wonderful cooks in our club will be making their favorites.  During dessert, a video of the last four years of parish life will be shown.  I’m sure you will enjoy pictures of  your family and friends, and yourself, on the screen. 

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