July at St. John's....................

Jun 26, 2023
July at St. John's....................

On July 25th we commemorate the Dormition of Saint Anna, the mother of St. Mary. Anna was the daughter of Matthan a priest of the tribe of Levi. Matthan had three daughters: Mary, Zoia and Anna. Mary was married in Bethlehem and bore Salome; Zoia was also married in Bethlehem and bore Elisabeth, the mother of St. John the Forerunner; and Anna was married in Nazareth to Joachim, and in old age gave birth to Mary, the most holy Mother of God.


Joachim and Anna had been married for fifty years, and were barren. They lived devoutly and quietly using only a third of their income for themselves and giving a third to the poor and a third to the Temple, and they were well provided for. Once, when they were already old and were in Jerusalem to offer sacrifice to God;, the Hight Priest, Issachar, upbraided Joachim: “You are not worthy to offer sacrifice with those childless hands.” Others who had children jostled Joachim, thrusting him back as unworthy because they were childless. This caused great grief to the two aged souls, and they went home with very heavy hearts. Then the two of them gave themselves to prayer to God that He would work in them the wonder that he had worked in Abraham and Sarah, and give them a child to comfort their old age.


God sent them His angel, who gave them tidings of the birth of a daughter most blessed, by whom all the nations of the earth will be blessed, and through whom will come the salvation of the world.’   Anna conceived at once, and in the ninth month gave birth to the holy Virgin Mary.   St. Joachim lived for eighty ears and Anna for seventy nine, and they both entered into the kingdom of God. (Bishop Nikolai Velimirovic)


“Divinely-wise Anna, you carried in your womb the pure Mother of God, who gave life to our Life. Therefore, you are now carried joyfully to the inheritance of heaven, to the abode of those who rejoice in glory, where you seek forgiveness of sins for those who faithfully honor you, ever blessed one.” (Troparion Tone 4)



Happy Birthday to all those celebrating their birthday in July. Among those are: Stephanie Kibitelsky on July 1; Maryann Stagen on July 4; Kathy Cahayla, July 10; Peggy Kovalycsik , July 11; Helen Baron, July 22; Kathy Petrow, July 24; Brielle Hope Anderson, July 25; Austin Christopher Anderson, July 27; and Betty Ann Fechisin on July 29. A very happy birthday to everyone celebrating their birthday in July and May God grant you all Many Years!


We are challenged to learn about our faith and to love Christ. It is incumbent that you attend church during the summer. Remember, God’s love and blessings do not stop during the summer months so remember to go to church wherever you are vacationing. Jesus tells us Himself that: “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them." (Matt 18:20


Remember our needy neighbors. The Food Pantry is always in need of food items. Please keep those less fortunate in mind and help us to feed those in need. A basket is in the vestibule of the church for your convenience. May God bless you abundantly for your generosity.


Nov 14, 2023 - 16:36
A gentle reminder to support our needy neighbors; the Food Pantry welcomes food donations. Your generosity in providing for those less fortunate is a blessing, and a basket in the church vestibule is available for your convenience. May God abundantly bless you for your kindness. movers tampa

John W Williams

Nov 13, 2023 - 14:41
The passage you shared is a beautiful excerpt from Bishop Nikolai Velimirovic's writings. It highlights the significance of the birth of the Virgin Mary, emphasizing her role in bringing salvation to the world. The passage also underscores the divine intervention in the conception of Mary, with an angel delivering the tidings to Anna and Joachim. The mention of Mary's blessing to all nations and the salvation of the world through her emphasizes her exceptional role in God's plan. The passage concludes with the peaceful passing of Joachim and Anna, entering into the kingdom of God. spinal decompression treatments naples fl

Amber Brion

Oct 19, 2023 - 16:40
The commemoration of the Dormition of Saint Anna, the mother of St. Mary, is a significant event in the Christian calendar. Saint Anna's story, as you described, is a beautiful example of faith and devotion. Demolition contractors in Cincinnati

John Wiliams

Oct 11, 2023 - 19:17
It is a beautiful story of faith and hope. I am particularly struck by the fact that Joachim and Anna were childless for many years, but they never gave up hope. They continued to pray to God and to live a devout life. Eventually, God blessed them with a child, Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ. Tampa Electricians

Madel Smith

Sep 25, 2023 - 17:24
The Dormition of Saint Anna serves as a reminder of the power of faith and prayer, as well as the importance of generosity and kindness towards those less fortunate. Commercial general contractors Cincinnati


Jul 10, 2023 - 23:57
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