July at St. John's ,,,,,

Jun 27, 2024
July at St. John's ,,,,,

Summer is well upon us and calls us all to enjoy our vacations, sports, barbeques, picnics, and similar activities even though they rarely include prayer. Pleasant times like those mentioned here are needed in our lives; and God knows all the needs of His people. For this reason it is important for us to remember that we must include prayer in our daily life, even in the summer. Remember, God’s love and blessings do not stop during the summer months so remember to go to church wherever you ae vacationing.


Prayer is natural, and we were fashioned by God to live a life of prayer, but sin has built a barrier between us and God. That is why prayer is hard work! It is man who needs to pray. It is not God who needs man’s prayers. Meeting God in prayer is the most important thing we can do each day. The set times of prayer are very important, and should not be put aside for any reason. It should be brief and regular so that it can be kept in all conditions and circumstances. Remember the prayer of the thief on the Cross was very short, “Lord, remember me in your kingdom,” and the prayer of the Publican was very short, “Lord, be merciful to me, a sinner.” What a wonderful thing it is for us to develop this kind of intimacy with God whereby we speak to Him in prayer each day face to face. To remind yourself that it is “face to face,” place an icon of Christ before you as you pray.


One foremost short prayer is the Jesus Prayer: ”Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy upon me a sinner.” The Jesus Prayer, says Metropolitan Anthony Bloom, “more than any other,” helps us to be able to “stand in God’s presence.” The Jesus Prayer helps us to concentrate exclusively on God, and it is at this moment when our mind is totally centered on God, we discover a very personal and direct relationship with Him. The Jesus Prayer's power comes from the use of our Lord's Name, JESUS CHRIST, SON OF GOD. Using a knotted prayer rope may help you focus on the Lord’s Name as you say it. In praying the Jesus Prayer as in all Orthodox Prayer we are seeking a relationship with a personal God based on faith and love.  


We need to remember to pray each day for all those we love - living and deceased. But Jesus Christ commanded us to love our enemies and those who defame and injure us, and to pray for them and forgive them as well. To help us in our prayers, a prayer of St. Nikolai of Ochrid for our enemies can be found here. He starts his prayer with “Bless my enemies, O Lord. Even I bless them and do not curse them.”


Happy Birthday to all those celebrating their birthday in July. Among those are: Maryann Stagen on July 4; Kathy Cahayla, July 10; Peggy Kovalycsik , July 11; Helen Baron, July 22; Kathy Petrow, July 24; Brielle Hope Anderson, July 25; Austin Christopher Anderson, July 27; and Betty Ann Fechisin on July 29. A very happy birthday to everyone celebrating their birthday in July and May God grant you all Many Years!


Remember our 100th Anniversary celebration planned for July 13, 2025. Bring your family and tell all those you know from St. John’s to join us once more so we can all get together to rejoice in our common brotherhood of faith. Our second set of pictures can be found in the Photo Gallery.


Jul 17, 2024 - 21:46
Prayer is a natural human activity, and God designed us to live a prayer life especially for Greensboro Drywall Contractors. However, sin has created a barrier between us and God, which is why prayer is hard work! The good news is that Jesus Christ has redeemed us from sin and made it possible for us to be reconciled with God. Therefore, we can come boldly before the throne of grace, confident that God will hear our prayers and answer them according to His will.
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July 2024

Greatmartyr and Healer Panteleimon Great Vespers - 5:00 PM

O holy prizewinner and Healer Panteleimon,  intercede with the merciful God,  that He grant unto our souls the forgiveness of our offenses.  (Troparion Tone 3)