Christmas at St. John's........

Dec 26, 2019
Christmas at St. John's........

December 2019 raced across the calendar. The first weekend we hosted the “O” Club District St. Andrew and St. Nicholas Vespers and the following week had an Akathist Healing Service to the Theotokos followed by the parish confessions. We painted the ceiling and walls at the altar area and immediately decorated the church for the upcoming Nativity Feast. Sonja Finno ordered the flowers and placed them decoratively around the altar area and in various spots in the church. After cleaning and arranging, we were finally ready. Pictures of the church are in the Photo Gallery. Our Nativity observance at St. John’s was blessed with lovely spiritual services, done warmly by Fr. Maryan and our choir, and our social times were full of happy greetings and rejoicing. May our hearts be filled with true peace and joy during this “Winter Pascha.”


“God is with us, understand all ye nations, and submit yourselves, for God is with us.”


“Jesus, my Savior, thank You that You did not come to judge me, or condemn me, or chastise me. You came to save me, forgive me, accept me, and rejoice in my return to the Father. Be my Savior now, that You may be my Savior when you come to judge the living and the dead. Amen.” (Anthony M. Coniaris) Father Alexander Schmemann wrote: “Jesus lay as an infant in the cavern in the reign of Caesar Augustus that He might lay in the tomb under Pontius Pilate. He was hounded by Herod that He might be caught by Caiaphas. He was buried in baptism that He might descent into death through the Cross. He was worshipped by wise men that the whole of creation might adore Him in His triumph over death. The Pascha of His Cross was prepared by the Pascha of His Coming. The Pascha of His Resurrection was begun by the Pascha of His Incarnation. The Pascha of His Glorification was foretold by the Pascha of His Baptism.” Jesus was born not to judge us, or condemn us, or chastise us but to save us, forgive us and accept us. He did all this for our salvation. All we have to do is “return to the Father,” and join those who pray together thanking Him. All of us at St. John’s wish all of you a Blessed Nativity Season and encourage you to make your “return to the Father” the priority item on your New Year’s list. JESUS WILL FILL YOUR HEART WITH HIS LOVE AND JOY NOT ONLY NOW AT THIS SPECIAL PASCHA BUT ALWAYS. CHRIST IS BORN! GLORIFY HIM!


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