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Apr 27, 2016
News from St. John's.......

Sunday was the feast of Christ’s triumphal Entry into Jerusalem, Palm Sunday.  Carrying branches of willows and palms, we proclaimed our faith in the final victory of Christ.  The services of this Sunday follow directly from those of Lazarus Saturday; Lazarus Saturday reveals the enemy, which is Death and Palm Sunday announces the meaning of victory as the triumph of the Kingdom of God.  “Sitting on Thy throne in heaven, and carried on a foal on earth, O Christ God, accept the praise of angels and the songs of children who sing:  Blessed is He who comes to recall Adam!”  (Kontakion)   Pictures of Palm Sunday is shown in the Photo Gallery.


Excerpt from Father Igor’s monthly message:

I pray that the reality of Jesus Christ’s Resurrection is a reality of our resurrection – a time when others will know us by our works because of our faith in Christ.  As we are part of the living history of the Church founded on the Resurrection, we should reflect that in our lives. 

I am looking forward to seeing each and every one of you in Church, so that together we can work out our salvation through the fulfilling of His commandments.  And, most of all, I am looking forward to celebrating with you all the divine Services that we have in our church.  If we say we believe, then we should practice what we believe. 


We wish you all a Joyous Celebration of Christ’s Resurrection!


Welcome, new Servant of God, Brielle Hope Anderson, daughter of Steven and Stacy Baron Anderson.  Brielle was Baptized on April 16. 


The next trustees’ meeting is scheduled for May 17.  All trustees please attend.


The Passaic “O” Club would like to thank everyone for your generous donations towards the cost of printing church-themed coloring books for the Yupik-speaking children in Alaska, who have very little church literature to enrich their faith.  The Rt. Rev. David (Mahaffey), Bishop of Sitka and Alaska, has requested FOCA help in this important outreach program.  A special collection on Palm Sunday for this worthy cause raised $375.  We are extremely thankful for all your help.  Many Years!


Memory Eternal to our dear parishioner, Nancy Filak, who fell asleep in the Lord on April 20.  “With the Saints give rest, O Christ, to the soul of Thy servant, where sickness and sorrow are no more, neither sighing, but life everlasting.  Whither we mortals all shall go, making our funeral dirge the hymn;  Alleluia.”   Memory Eternal.

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Divine Liturgy - 9:00 a.m. - Day of the Holy Spirit

Day of the Holy Spirit. - “Blessed art Thou, O Christ our God, who hast revealed the fishermen as most wise by sending down upon them the Holy Spirit; through them Thou didst draw the world into Thy net. O Lover of Man, glory to Thee!”