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Apr 1, 2017
News from St. John's......

The April message from Father Igor heralds the coming celebration of our Lord’s Resurrection!    The following is a selection taken from this month’s message: 


The invitation and opportunity to prepare for the celebration of  Pascha are abundant, and they invite us to a greater journey, that is to prepare for the Resurrection itself! 


In the remaining weeks leading to the celebration of Pascha, you are invited to prayerfully reflect upon the areas of your life that have either been affected or even consumed by corruption.  You are invited to the life-saving experience of repentance, leading you to the mercy and love of God, which is the only source of healing from corruption.  You are invited not only to celebrate the Resurrection, but to experience it! 


In a few weeks we will gather in our beautiful church and proclaim that Christ is Risen!  I invite all of you to join us in proclaiming the Light of Christ’s Resurrection, not only as pilgrims of celebration, but as pilgrims of the Resurrection!  With Love in Christ,  Fr. Igor.   


Please refer to your issue of April’s Enlightener for Father Igor’s entire message.  


The Fellowship of Orthodox Christians in America (FOCA) will once again be collecting funds for their “Gifts of Love” program on Palm Sunday.  The funds collected this year will be used to help repair the St. Nicholas Chapel in Kanai, Alaska, which is part of the Holy Assumption Russian Orthodox Complex located there.   The church is one of the oldest in Alaska, completed in 1896.  The entire complex – church, chapel, rectory, and cemetery – was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1970.    Your help in restoring the Chapel will be greatly appreciated.  Many Years!


Our last Pre-Sanctified Liturgy this year will be held on Wednesday, April 5.  Confessions will be heard from 6:00 p.m. until the service starts at 6:30 p.m.   We are looking forward to having our friends from Holy Assumption Church in Clifton join us for this service.


Helen Baron thanks everyone who remembers the food pantry.  Each week food products are in the food basket, and it is deeply appreciated since the need exists throughout the year.  Please continue in your good work.   Thank you all and Many Years! 


Printable calendar for April can be downloaded here. 

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