News from St. John's......Christ is Born! Glorify Him!

Dec 30, 2016
News from St. John's......Christ is Born!   Glorify Him!

In His Baptism in the Jordan, and in His subsequent ministry, the Son of God descended into the human condition to the very depths so that He might fill all things with Himself.  And after His descent, He ascended into the heavens, taking us with Him into the presence of God, and giving us gifts for the sake of service.  Each person has a different gift and a different calling.  Whatever it may be, it is given for the sake of building up the body of Christ, which is the Church; and for the sake of the sanctity and salvation of all.  The goal of everyone is mature personhood; the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ (Ephesians 4:7-13). 


We look forward, by God’s grace, to the New Year.  In the midst of much moral degradation, violence, turmoil, and unrest in the world, we affirm the goodness of God and His love for us, manifested in the giving of His Son to us.  In the Incarnation, we affirm that God sent His Son into the world to save the world (John 3:16).  He is at work in His world bringing salvation to all who believe in Him,.  We affirm that from evil, good can come; that sin and death are realities, but God’s love is the greater and ultimate reality.


May the New Year bring us all renewed hope, faith, and spiritual growth. 


Father’s excellent January message can be read in its entirety in the January issue of the Enlightener.   It was adapted from The Winter Pascha, by Fr. Thomas Hopko. 


Congratulations to Father Igor on the anniversary of his ordination into the Holy Priesthood on January 7.  May God grant him Many Years!


The Healing Service that was scheduled for December 17 but was cancelled due to inclement weather, will be rescheduled for January 14.  The Healing Service to the Mother of God in front of her icon “Queen of All” will be held at 2:00 p.m.  and everyone is welcome to pray with us for the healing from any disease.  This icon of the Mother of God is especially known for the healings that occurred of those who suffered with cancer.  


A special thank you to all our generous parishioners who donated to our Christmas Pantry Food appeal.  We are always grateful for your help and the need continues at this special time of year.  Please remember those less fortunate and in need throughout the year, and may God bless and help those who need it, and also bless all those who help and give with a cheerful and loving heart.


A new set of Processional Candles that was blessed at the end of Divine Liturgy on December 18, was generously donated by:  Barbara Kary (2 candles) in memory of her mother, Maria (Mae) Pasterick;  Vladimir and Elena Nehrebecki, in honor of Elena’s parents Angelina and Vladimir Aphanasyev;  Son Michael Bzik, and grandchildren Christopher Bzik and Joanna Bzik in memory of John and Anna Bzik;  Czech family, one candle in memory of Michael and Helen Fechisin and one candle in memory of Walter and Mary Czech, and George Hook, in memory of his wife Elizabeth (Betty) Hook. 


For printable January calendar please click here.

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