News from St. John's for February........

Jan 27, 2020
News from St. John's for February........

Having just closed the last box of my Christmas things and gently placing it in storage for the next Nativity Season, my thoughts already turn to Great Lent. Great Lent is the time of repentance, the time of our reconciliation with God. Repentance is the beginning, and also, the condition of a truly Christian life. Our Church has set apart seven weeks as a special time of repentance and calls each Orthodox Christian to a special spiritual effort. The Church calls us to deepen our religious conscience, to increase and strengthen the spiritual contents of our life, to follow her in her pilgrimage towards renewal and rededication to God.


Although Great Lent starts on Monday, March 2, it is important to know that the pre-Lenten Sundays come with lessons to learn before that Monday. On Sunday, February 2, one of the important feast days of the year, “Feast of the Meeting of Christ in the Temple,” is shared with Zacchaeus Sunday. Zacchaeus Sunday teaches us about a short man full of desire to see Jesus and the struggle he expends to succeed in this effort. February 9 is dedicated to the Publican and the Pharisee. A parable that Jesus tells his listeners concerning humility. On Sunday, February 16, we hear the parable about the Prodigal Son. Jesus is very clear in explaining that God is a forgiving Father if you are sincerely repentant, humble and hopeful of His mercy. Sunday of the Last Judgment, also called Meatfare Sunday, tells us the importance of LOVE and uncalculated mercy toward others. It is also the last day for consumption of meat products until Pascha. The Great Lent begins on Monday, March 2 following Cheesefare Sunday, also called Forgiveness Sunday. On this Sunday we approach each other penitently and honestly forgive each other. Our journey to Pascha starts with forgiveness to our family members, our friends and everyone we know. The fast now includes all dairy products until Pascha.


The Joy of Our Lord and Savior’s Resurrection is significantly enhanced by our participation in a deep spiritual renewal with God, and a return to His Church for confession, communion, and attendance to the many services. Now is the time to rediscover the hope that our Lord and Savior grants to us all and that is so lacking in the secular world that surrounds us.


Father has been blessing houses during January and is available to bless your home during February as well. Please call the rectory and make an appointment that is convenient for you.


Memory Eternal to our brother in Christ Frederick Otto Beckmann who fell asleep in the Lord on Thursday, January 9. Funeral was held on Monday, January 13, at Bizub -Quinlan Funeral Home. Memories of Fred are in the Photo Gallery. Our Condolences and sincere sympathy to his family. May his Memory be Eternal!


Many thanks to all who in any way participated in preparation, beautification and clean-up of the services and social events in our parish during this Nativity season. God grant you all Many Years!


The Passaic “O” Club had their second “Annual Cookie Fest” on Sunday, December 29, 2019. It was a successful and delicious event and recipes used for the cookies at this fest were incorporated in a small booklet that is for sale for $2. Pictures of the cookies are in the Photo Gallery.


We pray for all our fellow parishioners, and we pray especially for those who are incapable of being with us in church. Please keep in your prayers our brothers and sisters in Christ. God knows who they are: Genevieve, Barbara, Michael, Mary Ann, Dorothy, Barbara, Margaret, Kathleen, Dennis, Marian, Mary Ann, Helen, Anna, Maryann, Eva, and Patricia.


Happy Birthday to all those celebrating their birthday in February. Stacey Baron Anderson on February 2; Jeffrey Rahnefeld on February 8; Christopher Kary, February 10; Alissa Pecoraro, February 11; Chris Finno, February 14; Evgenia Kozienko Jimenez February 26. May God grant each of you Many Years!


In addition to our parish’s website, we strongly encourage you to keep abreast on the latest news and happenings about Orthodoxy from our diocese and the National Church. Please use links listed here to access any of the three sites: Diocese of NY and NJ: and Orthodox Church in America: All these websites will provide you with articles and resources for the Holy Orthodox Church; they include the history of Orthodoxy, special services and blessings; spirituality; teaching of the Church; the form and characteristics of worship; the Sacrament of Confession; Holy Week meditation and study guide; fasting; and much more.


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