News from St. John's for June.......

May 20, 2019
News from St. John's for June.......

Happy Birthday to all those celebrating their birthday in June. Among those are: Michael Bzik and Eileen Bowne, on June 3; Sofia Kseniuk on June 12; Kerri Czech on June 13; Zenia Kary and Fred Beckmann both on June 19; and Mary Ann Dolak on June 22. May God grant each of you and all those celebrating a birthday in June Many Years!


June is a busy month for us all. In addition to birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and graduations, we celebrate our fathers. This year on Pentecost Sunday, June 16, we will honor our fathers by praying for them and showing our love and respect. If the Lord has taken your father’s soul to His eternal care, say a prayer that He will be merciful to him. Those who are still blessed with having their father with them should vow to present them with the gifts of respect, understanding and love every day, not just on Father’s Day. This is the basis of the 5th Commandment: Honor your Father and Mother.


Mothers’ Day was on May 12 this year and, as usual, we honored our mothers with a small gift to express our love and gratitude for all they accomplish in their private lives with their own families and also for all they do for St. John's. Raising children is an enormous responsibility and it is important for youngsters to understand that the rules and regulations set down by their mother and father are for their well-being. The older we get, the wiser our parents become! May God bless all mothers and fathers with good health, joy, peace for Many Years! Let us also pray for our departed mothers and fathers who have entered Eternal Life. May their Memory be Eternal!


Every year on St. Thomas Sunday, a group of parishioners and friends gather at the little chapel in East Ridgelawn Cemetery to attend a Panikhida for all our relatives and friends. This year St. Thomas Sunday was on May 5. However, due to heavy rain, the event was postponed until Monday, May 6. The clouds parted and floated away during the night and the next morning a bright sun and blue sky greeted us at the cemetery. After the service at the chapel, we moved along as a group, however small, from stone to stone to pray for those resting there while Fr. Igor blessed the graves. If you haven’t attended a cemetery blessing on St. Thomas Sunday, you need to put this in your calendar for next year. It is a spiritually rewarding day and time well spent for you and those you love who are gone. Pictures of the cemetery blessings done on May 6 and Mother’s Day pictures are in the Photo Gallery.


On June 24th, St. John the Baptist, the Forerunner of Christ, is remembered on the feast day of his nativity. The Church observes his birth as a feast day, an honor only shared by the Holy Virgin Mary whose birth is celebrated on September 8. And we here at St. John the Baptist R.O. Church, will celebrate its name day. Christ Himself said that St. John is greatest among those that are born of women; He prepared the way for the coming of the Lord and, at the Jordan River, Baptized Christ. He is also a Martyr and Prophet, telling us all: Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. In his icon, he is portrayed with the wings of an Angel, not only because he was the unique messenger of God preparing the way for Christ, but also because of the sanctity of his life.  Please do not miss this service.   


Memorial notices were received from the following:

- In Loving Memory of John and Anna Bzik from children: Son John Bzik, his wife Maria Bzik and family, their son Mark, daughter Alexandra and grandchildren; and son Michael Bzik, his son Chris and Jennifer Bzik, his daughter Joanna and Mike Luzzo and grandchildren.

- In Loving Memory of Mary Chanda who passed into Life Eternal 32 years ago on May 26, 1987 from daughter MaryAnn and family

- In Loving Memory of my parents, Anastasia and Wasil Petrow from Rose Marie.

-  May their Memory be Eternal! Vicnaja Pamjat


Remember our needy neighbors. The Food Pantry is always in need of food items. Please keep those less fortunate in mind and help us to feed those in need. A basket is in the vestibule of the church for your convenience. May God bless you abundantly for your generosity.

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