News from St. John's for March......

Feb 28, 2018
News from St. John's for March......

The message in the Enlightener for March is the Archpastoral letter for the Great Fast 2018 from His Eminence, Archbishop Michael. It begins: “There are two ways that we can look at the Great Fast. The first is to see Lent as an arduous time of feeling forced to follow a number of formal, predominantly negative rules and regulations – abstention from certain foods, dancing, movies, etc. – dictated by Church authority. This preoccupation with “rules” is a common view that almost equates Lent with a period of punishment.


The second is to understand the time of the Great Fast as a sacred season handed down by the time-honored Tradition of our Faith to embrace a Lenten lifestyle that was joyfully embraced by the canonized Saints of every generation and our saintly grandparents and parents before us. For them it was a “way of living” – a state of mind, soul and spirit – which for seven weeks permeate their entire life. It was an opportunity to focus on coming closer to Christ our Savior, becoming more like Him, by imitating His ways of prayer and fasting and almsgiving.


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His Eminence concludes by saying “Truly, the way for us to see Lent is as a journey of repentance – a return home, like the Prodigal Son, to the house and embrace of the God Who loves us more than we love ourselves.”


Parish confessions can be heard after any Vesper service or Akathist service and before the Liturgy of Pre-sanctified Gifts on March 7. Parish confessions will be Saturday, March 24, 1:30 to 3:00 p.m. Please arrive by 2:30 p.m. Confessions can also be heard before Divine Liturgy 8:30 to 8:50 but please let Father know the day before.


The schedule for the Liturgy of Pre-sanctified Gifts this year is as follows: February 28, Ss. Peter and Paul Cathedral in Passaic; March 7, here at St. John the Baptist in Passaic; March 14 at Christ the Savior Church, Paramus; March 21 at Holy Apostles Church, Saddle Brook; and March 26 at the Assumption of the Holy Virgin Church, Clifton. Please attend this beautiful and spiritual service.


The FOCA “Gifts of Love” collection will be on Palm Sunday, April 1. Further information will be in the Sunday bulletin.

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