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Jun 23, 2018
News from St. Johns.......

On Sunday July 15, we remember the Fathers of the lst Six Ecumenical Councils. Also on that Sunday, the church commemorates Great Prince Vladimir, Equal to the Apostles, Enlightener of Rus.


Statesman, soldier, leader, and ultimately an extraordinary missionary, Vladimir of Russia has been referred to by historians as Prince Vladimir, but Christianity knows him as a saint. It was his introduction of Christianity to a nation that placed him in the hallowed company of saints. He was the son of Snyatoslav I, born in Kiev in 972. After the death of his father, Vladimir was forced into exile by powerful enemies. Taking refuge in Scandinavia, he secretly organized an army. With daring and military skill, he put his enemies to flight and firmly established himself as prince of Russia. Vladimir saw the need for a common religion among his people that could promise unification.


He sent emissaries to Constantinople, Germany and the Muslim countries with the order to report back to him what they observed. They were not impressed until they went to Constantinople where they witnessed the festive ritual of the Orthodox Church. They wrote back to Vladimir, “We no longer knew whether we were in Heaven or on earth, for such beauty we know not how to tell of it.”


Christianity transformed Vladimir from a pagan to God’s glorious love and he was baptized. He then was determined to bring the word of Christ into the hearts of all the people of his country, and established churches, schools, seminaries, convents, and monasteries. Prince Vladimir died in 1015 and was proclaimed a saint of the Church and accorded the rare title of Isapostolos, “Equal to the Apostles.”


Prayer in Time of Trouble O God, You are my Rock and my Salvation, To You I cling during this dark hour of tribulation. Hold my hand tightly, for I lack even that little strength I need to hold on to Your Hand. Have mercy on me, Lord, and deliver me from the trouble that besets me. I acknowledge that I deserve any chastisement that comes to me, for I know I have sinned, O Lord. Do not deal with me according to my sins, but according to Your bountiful mercy. For I am the work of Your hands. You know my weakness. You remember that I am but dust. Grant me strength to endure my tribulation with complete trust in You. As You came to Peter and the other disciples late one stormy night on the Sea of Galilee to quell the storm and restore calm, quell the storm that rages in my soul. Take away all fear and anxiety. Fill me with Your peace. Grant that this trial may bring me closer to You. For You are my strength, my hope and my joy. Blessed is Your Name always Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen.


Two of our young men are graduating 8th grade this June, Maxim Kseniuk, son of our pastor, Fr. Igor and Mat. Anna, and Daniel Kary, son of Juliana and Matthew Kary and grandson of John and Barbara Kary. Congratulations and may God grant you both Many Years! 


On June 17, Father’s Day, we honored our living fathers, grand-fathers, great grandfathers, godfathers, and uncles of our parish with prayers during liturgy and later, after liturgy, with a small gift. Prayers were also offered for our departed fathers who have entered Eternal Life. Memory Eternal!


The annual trustees’ dinner was held this year at Bucos Restaurant in Clifton on June 1. All present members of the board of trustees and those who served on the board in the past were invited to gather together to enjoy good food and conversation.


Have a safe and happy Vacation but remember to attend church where you are!

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