September News from St. John's......

Sep 2, 2016
September News from St. John's......

Excerpt of Father Igor’s September Message....


As we begin the New Church Year, which begins in September, I greet you with the love of Christ, with the prayer that the coming New Church Year be a year of grace and continued spiritual growth for our parish.....We must always have in mind that our Leader is Christ.  Our energy is the Holy Spirit.  Our center is the Eucharist.  Our agenda is the good news of the Gospel.  Our base of operations is God’s Holy Church.  Our work is to advance God’s rule and kingdom in our personal lives, families and world, living out and sharing the mystery of God’s love. 


Let us welcome the New Church Year then, and sincerely turn our hearts and minds to God who blesses us as His children and calls us to be His co-workers for the salvation of the world.  Whatever we have, comes from God.  Whatever worthy thoughts rise up in us are inspired by the Holy Spirit.  Whatever noble aspirations spring forth from our hearts derive from the love of Christ.  Whatever ideas and plans we cherish about our Church and parish we entrust to the Holy Trinity for blessing and success.


We dare not think that we ourselves are the source of wisdom and goodness.  We must not be presumptuous to think we can take credit for past accomplishments or rest on assumed laurels.  With faith and trust we place our time, talents and treasures, our hopes and plans, indeed our very selves and families, in the hands of God for sanctification and fulfillment of His purposes, and the praise and glory of his holy name.


News from St. John’s.....


Prayer Request:  Please remember in your prayers Father James and Matushka Pat Mason.  Fr. James, former pastor of our parish, had open-heart surgery recently and is now recovering.  Let us pray for his speedy and complete recovery.  “Lord, to You I lift up my voice:  Stretch forth Your powerful arm.  Send down from heaven Your healing power.  Touch the sick body of Thy Servant Fr. James.  Bless the means used for his recovery and those who administer them.  To You, Lord Jesus, I direct my prayer, and trusting in Your mercy and love, I offer all worship and adoration to You, and the eternal Father and the most Holy Spirit now and ever and unto ages of ages.  Amen.  My hope is the Father.  My refuge is the Son.  My protection is the Holy Spirit.  Blessed Trinity, glory to Thee.” 


Happy Anniversary to Father and Matushka Kseniuk who celebrated their anniversary on September 1.  Congratulations and Many Years!


Congratulations to grandparents:

  • Anna Rozanovich on the birth of her granddaughter, Sophia, on May 10.  Parents are Vladimir and Stephanie Rozanovich. 
  • Gregory and Kathy Cahayla on the birth of their grandson, Joshua Tyler on July 23.  Parents are Jason and Kristin Cahayla Hoffmann.
  • Robert and Elizabeth Czech on the birth of their grandson, Samuel, on August 17.  Parents are Robert and Emily Czech.


Memory Eternal to the Servant of God, Mary Czap who fell asleep in the Lord on June 8.


On Sunday, October 2, we are going to Hunterdon Hills Playhouse to see “Squabbles,” a comedy about a young couple with live-in in-laws.  Tickets are still available and cost  $61.50 per person.  See Kathy Petrow for information and tickets.   


The food pantry is always in need of food items.  Please keep those less fortunate in mind and help us to feed those in need.  May God bless you abundantly for your generosity. 

Patricia Mason

Sep 8, 2016 - 13:26
Thank you for the prayers and cards sent to Fr. James. He is home and doing great. We both appreciate your thoughtfulness. You are all in our prayers. With love in Christ Matushka Pat
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Great Vespers for Sunday Divine Liturgy - Prayer:  We, unworthy recipients of Thy benefits and gifts, as unprofitable servants dare to turn to Thee, O Master, bringing Thee thanks and glorifying and hymning Thee, the Benefactor and Creator: glory to Thee, O most bountiful God.