St. John R.O. Church Celebrates 90 year Anniversary......

Jun 19, 2015
St. John R.O. Church Celebrates 90 year Anniversary......

On Sunday, June 14, 2015, St. John’s celebrated our 90th Anniversary and recalled all the many people and events that kept us together in worship and devotion for 90 years.  Following a Hierarchical Divine Liturgy with His Eminence, Archbishop Michael, a banquet was held at the Brownstone Restaurant in Paterson. 


It has been a wonderful past to honor and remember!  A group of devout Orthodox Christians came together to establish St. John the Baptist Russian Orthodox Church in Passaic, New Jersey, and through the efforts of  our Pastor at that time, Rt. Rev. Peter G. Kohanik,  our parish was officially born on July 12, 1925.  By November of the same year, we purchased a small church on Jackson Street and gathered together each Sunday to worship and teach Sunday School.  We met during the week worshipping on Holy Days, and holding choir practice under the able direction of Professor Hilko.  We also attended  “R” Club meetings and Russian School during the week.  Organizations arose and for the men, there was a Men’s Club; for the women, a Ladies Auxiliary and for our Mothers, the Mother’s Club.  Several of these still exist. 


We outgrew the delightful little church on Jackson Street, and on November 27, 1960, entered our current beautiful church.  Our hall building was later built and dedicated on September 13, 1964.  Now, after all these years, as we enter our church and admire the windows and interior, and take note of our large school building, we are reminded of the work that those devoted and unwavering parishioners of the past unselfishly and thoughtfully gave of themselves to make our current home a notable, pious, spiritual house of worship.  Along with our Pastor, Fr. Igor Kseniuk, his Matushka Anna and their children, Maxim and Sofia, we are looking forward to the future and thank those who now donate their time and effort to continue to make St. John’s a place of spiritual and prayerful worship and devotion to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 


Pictures of the event are in the Photo Gallery.   They are in two files, oontinue to ne of the church service and the other of the banquet.      

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